• PS3 Avenger Controller

PS3 Avenger Controller


The PS3 Avenger controller is an external adapter which allows for rapid fluid movements between buttons and analog sticks. Fully customizable to fit your style

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Product Description

PS3 Avenger Controller

The PS3 Avenger controller is a unique item which attaches to the housing of the PS3 controller.  This adapter allows for rapid fluid movement between the original individual buttons and analogue sticks of the controller.  The avenger contains several levers which are fully customizable to personalize your gaming style.  In addition to the custom levers, you can adjust the button sensitivity for a quicker response time.   This attachment helps improve all around gameplay.  This helps with awareness, agility and reaction time, everything to help you become a better overall player.


– Customizable levers

– High-Precision tension straps

– Stabilize stand

– Fully customizable sensitivity