Product Description

Xbox 360 Modded Controller Savage Gold

Xbox 360 Modded Controller Savage Gold.  A truly one of a kind controller that is fully transparent and see through.  Ever wonder what your Xbox 360 controller looked like?  With this shell you can view all the internal components.    We offer a 10 Mode Modded kit installed which is fully adjustable, programmable and include many features listed below. Each mode is packed with multiple features for your favorite first person shooters. This rapid fire controller makes any single shot or semi auto weapon fully automatic. Our advanced microchip technology provides a user friendly experience to all users, easy to program, easy to use, simply the best modded controllers. The mods feature the latest and most innovative technology on the market. We have pre-programmed our controllers to work with the Call Of Duty series. Our options go further allowing you to physically customize your Modded Controller. You can add your favorite color LEDs, Buttons, D-Pad and thumbsticks.

Xbox 360 Savage Gold 10 Mode Modded Controller


The Complete Modded Controller

Look no further then here for the complete modded controller. Our technology leads the market with this completely unique controller. These controllers are built for current Xbox 360 games but never limited to upcoming releases. We included cutting edge technology to ensure this controller will be easy to calibrate with upcoming FPS. Check out our additional information under the mod kit information for use and features with this controller. Feel free to download our instruction guide before you buy. You will see how the easy these controllers are to use, program and customize to your games.