Product Description

Xbox One Silver Skull Controller

Gamerzicon features its Silver Skull design on an OEM Microsoft Xbox One Controller.  This controller is fully customizable with options ranging from custom triggers, D-Pad, X, Y, A, B and thumbsticks.  All of our controllers feature the highest quality materials to ensure a smooth hydrodipped finish. Our modded controllers are appealing not just to the eye, but more importantly to your gaming experience! The custom imaging is professional applied, and will not chip or fade. The controller you receive may not be exactly as pictured, as the process for applying the pattern is random. It will be the same image, just not in the exact same spots. The back of the controller is left stock, as Sony used a textured feel design to facilitate better grip. More than just rapid fire for semi automatic weapons, our controller has modes that enhance the gaming experience for fully automatic weapon users as well. Traditionally, fully automatic weapons will slow down with rapid fire, that is why we added mods that do not have rapid fire and won’t affect full auto shooting speed, but incorporates other features to give you the upper hand.

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Hydipped QualityMarine Grade Hydrodipped Finish

Our Hydrodipped controllers are guaranteed to outlast the competition. Don’t waste your time with cheap controller skins.  We use special grade marine clearcoat to protect your controller.  We guarantee your controller will last for years.


Microchip TechnologyAdvanced Microchip Technology

When you select our mod kit you are experiencing the lastest rapid fire technology.  Our rapid fire chips have a 100kb Memory, increased processor power up to 20MHZ.



CompatabilityCOD Ghosts Compatible & More!

Our controllers are 100% compatible with the latest release of COD Ghosts.  They are also comptatible with all first person shooter gamers including battlefield 4, GTA and previous releases.  They are also headphone compatible.



User ManualProfessional User Manual Included

Every Xbox One rapid fire controller comes with a detailed instruction guide to help you understand your controller.  We include detailed descriptions on how to use all modes and features available.  You will also have full access to programming & adjusting your controller to your favorite FPS games.