Benefits of being sponsored by

Being sponsored comes with our requirements and accountability to abide by.   Remember we are making a decision on behalf of a business, our reputation is at risk everytime we place our brand on the market.  If we see a viable win-win relationship it will help us both prosper.  Our minimum requirements to be sponsored are stated below.  Keep in mind, not all criteria has to be met.  We will overlook every application on a case by case basis.

 Product Discounts & Freebies

Exclusive New Product Testing

Affiliate commission per referral

Featured Exposure On our website


Must have an active youtube channel

1. Minimum 5000 Subscribers

2. Minimum 25,000 Views

Active Blog & Website

1. Minimum 100 Uniques Per Day

2. Under 1,000,000 Alexa Ranking

Active Facebook Fan Page

1. Minimum 2500 Fans

2. Actively Promoting & Posting

Active Twitter Account

1. Minimum 5000 Followers

2. Active in engaging followers