If you are having issues with your Controller click on the link that corresponds to your controller.  Most issues are related to a programming errors and are easy fixes.  

Common Troubleshooting Techniques (All Controllers)

Common fix. The “R1″ could have been disabled on accident or by programming. To check this hold DOWN on D-Pad and Mod Button. While holding both of these buttons, press “R1″ The player 4 LED will flash either 1 or 2 times. 1 Flash means the button is now enabled and 2 flashes means the button is disabled.
Check to see if Jitter fire is enabled which can be checked by hitting LEFT on D-Pad and tapping the mod button. If the 4th player LED is flashing very fast this means jitter fire is activated. If it’s flashing normal, this means Jitter Fire is OFF. B. You may have acidently activated “L1″ as rapid fire. To check this hold DOWN on D-Pad and the mod button at the same time. Press “L1″ the player 4 LED will either flash 1 or 2 times. 1 Time means “L1″ is activated 2 times means “L1″ is deactivated. Make sure “L1″ is De-activated if you don’t plan on using Dual Rapid Fire.
Akimbo is generally activated with the R1 Trigger. Depending on the type of system you have please refer to your manual on de-activating this function. This function will cause a weapon to zoom in when firing when not using Dual Pistols
The fast reload allows you to shave milliseconds off your reload time. Generally this is difficult to detect with the naked eye. However it is based off the weapon you are using. This is important because each weapon has a different reload time. Please refer to your manual for setting the advanced reload.
This can be a general conflict with 2 issues. First make sure your controller is atleast 50% or more charged, remember each mod kit uses low voltage with the microchip. Second, refer to your manual on resetting the controller back to default settings. Often times multiple features can conflict and cause the mod to turn off. Although this is a rare occurrence, resetting the controller usually solves this problem.
The common problem with your rapid fire shooting slower when activated is you are trying to bypass the weapons fastest firing rate.  Most games have a max firing rate for each weapon.  You can lookup these rates with the corresponding game online.  The fix to this issue is lower the firing rate to about 75% of the max limit.  This will help reduce the weapons recoil and improve accuracy.
This is caused by Drop Shot Tactical being activated rather then the standard drop shot settings.  Please refer to your manual on activating the standard drop shot settings.  If you plan to use tactical layout we recommend using the corresponding settings for tactical.