Product Description

Dominate the leader boards with the TRITTON Pro 5.1 True Surround Headset. Featuring eight precision-balanced speakers that accurately reproduce 3D sound field, you gain the competitive edge by hearing each and every disturbance within a game’s atmosphere. Individual back lit volume controls allow you to fine-tune each channel – front, rear, center, and sub woofer – while premium-quality ear pads deliver hours of gaming comfort. Avoid a late-night shouting match with Selectable Voice Monitoring, next-gen technology that allows you to hear your own voice through the headset. Utilizing proprietary Dolby Digital technology, the Pro replicates the immerse feeling of high-end home theater setups. Envelop yourself in a richly detailed, 3D environment as 5.1 channels of sound collaborate to reveal previously hidden details within the backdrops of your favorite games.