• PS4 Blue Snakeskin Controller

    PS4 Blue Snakeskin Controller

    Starting At $109.95
  • PS4 Red Snakeskin Controller

    PS4 Red Snakeskin Controller

    Starting At $109.95
  • Snakeskin

    PS4 Snakeskin Controller

    Starting At $109.95

    PS4 Snakeskin Controller

    Gamerzicon features its Snakeskin design on an OEM Sony Dualshock 4 Controller.  This controller is fully customizable with options ranging from custom triggers, D-Pad, Triangle, Circle, Square and thumbsticks.  All of our controllers feature the highest quality materials to ensure a smooth hydrodipped finish. Our modded controllers are appealing not just to the eye, but more importantly to your gaming experience! The custom imaging is professional applied, and will not chip or fade. The controller you receive may not be exactly as pictured, as the process for applying the pattern is random. It will be the same image, just not in the exact same spots. The back of the controller is left stock, as Sony used a textured feel design to facilitate better grip. More than just rapid fire for semi automatic weapons, our controller has modes that enhance the gaming experience for fully automatic weapon users as well. Traditionally, fully automatic weapons will slow down with rapid fire, that is why we added mods that do not have rapid fire and won't affect full auto shooting speed, but incorporates other features to give you the upper hand.
    Rapid Fire - Controls Rapid Fire Fully adjustable & programmable
    Mimic - The right trigger controls the left trigger
    Auto Akimbo - The right trigger controls the left trigger
    Burst Fire - Programmable burst fire for semi-automatic weapons
    Fast Reload - Shave precious milliseconds off your reload time
    Jitter Mod - Turn any full auto, even 3-Round burst and shotguns
    Drop Shot - Drop down to the prone automatically as soon as you start firing
    Battlefield Auto Spotting - Spot targets automatically without needing to press R1
    Auto Aim - Auto Lock on your target while aiming down sights
    Jump Shot - Jump automatically when you fire
    Left Button - Double tap to turn on rapid fire. Hold in combination with other controller buttons to turn on/off features
    Auto Run - Run without needn't to click the left thumbstick
    Auto Sniper Breath - Automatically hold your breath when aiming down sights
    Quick Scope - Scope and fire automatically at the fastest possible time
    Dual Rapid Fire - Rapid fire on both triggers independently
    Drop Shot - Drop down to prone automatically as soon as you start to fire
    Touchpad Click - Our advanced feature used for changing additional controller features. Our most advanced achievement yet

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    Hydipped QualityMarine Grade Hydrodipped Finish

    Our Hydrodipped controllers are guaranteed to outlast the competition. Don't waste your time with cheap controller skins.  We use special grade marine clearcoat to protect your controller.  We guarantee your controller will last for years.  

    Microchip TechnologAdvanced Microchip Technology

    When you select our mod kit you are experiencing the lastest rapid fire technology.  Our rapid fire chips have 30% more memory and 50% quicker with processing times.  Don't be left in the dust.  

    PS4 Touchpad TechnologyPS4 TouchPad Technology

    We have tapped into the unique touchpad design on the PS4 controller and have made it our focal point building our rapid fire kit.  You can use the PS4 Touchpad to change modes, features and settings on your controller. PS4 Web Instruction Manual